UHF Reader / Writer Modules
UHF Reader / Writer Modules(DW(100)9501)
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Technology parameter


Specification Explanation
Operating Frequency 902MHz ~ 928MHz
RF protocol ISO18000-6B, EPC Class 1 , EPC Class 1 GEN 2
Operating Method FHSS or fixed frequency(setted by software)
Antenna ports MMC and antenna outter or within
Max RF power 30 dBm
Power smoothness < 0.5 DB
RF power range 20~30 dBm , Adjustable by software
Identify tag mode Receive order control reading tag
Identify tag time <8ms(Identify single tag)
Reading/Writing tag time Reads every 8 bytes to be smaller than 5ms,writes every 4 bytes to be smaller than 25ms
Communication interface UART/RS-232, I 2C , SPI
Input/output 1triggering input
Power supply DC 9V
Power consumption <= 5W
Size 90mm * 70mm * 10mm
Work Temperature -10 °C to + 55 °C
Storage Temperature -20°C to + 85°C

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