RFID Smart Card Handheld Reader Writer
RFID Smart Card Handheld Reader Writer(DW(22)0318)
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1. Micro processor: 32-bit CPU
2. Display: 128x64 dot, EL backlight, 8x4 lines Chinese characters (16x8 lines western characters), and one-line icons
3. Memory: FLASH MEMORY: 16Mbit (can be extended to 64Mbit); DRAM: 16Mbit;
4. Keyboard: 16 keys with backlight, one jog dialer
5.IC card interface: 1 standard (8 pins full function) IC card interface, 1(8 pins full functions) SAM card socket (optional), compatible with card accord with T=0/T=1 protocol
6. Communication interface: 1 standard RS232 interface, 1 IrDA interface.
7. Batteries systems: 850mAH recharge lithium battery
8. Working environment temperature: -20ºC-50ºC
9. Relatively humidity: 45%RH—85%RH (no coagulate dew)
10. Power: average<0.5W, max<3.5W
11. Appearance size: 154x67x30mm
12. Net weight: 170g
13.Contactless part (illustrated with Mifare 1 or Ultralight)
-Working frequency: 13.56MHZ
-Ant collision: be able to read/write several cards at one time
-SAM card operation, read/write CPU card accord with T=0/T=1 protocol
-Read/write distance: within 20mm
Support contactless smart cards in accordance with ISO7816.
Support contactless smart cards in accordance with ISO14443 Type A/B, such as Mifare series, INSIDE series, and Legic card.
Support tags in accordance with ISO15693, such as I-code series, INSIDE series and TI series.
Support ID card such as EM, Temic.

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