Multi-Protocol UHF Writer(Card-issuing)
Multi-Protocol UHF Writer(Card-issuing)(DW(100)9211)
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    DW(100)9211 interrogator is a kind of 915M RFID interrogator, which is full frame and function. It includes RF module, digital signal managing, input/output port and serial communication port, synchronization function.

    DW(100)9211 interrogator is multi-protocol UHF interrogator, which supports ISO18000-6B and EPC potocol international standard it can read and write UCODE, TI, Alien and others label, besides it can optimize main applying label clip. It is convenient to upgrade interrogator's software to satisfying protocol expanding and function expanding to protect user's investment.

Technology parameter


Specification Explanation
Operating Frequency 902MHz ~ 928MHz
RF protocol ISO18000-6B, EPC Class 1 , EPC Class 1 GEN 2
Operating Method FHSS or fixed frequency(setted by software)
Antenna ports antenna within
Max RF power 30 dBm
Power smoothness < 0.5 DB
RF power range 20~30 dBm , Adjustable by software
Identify tag mode Fixed time automatically reads the tag;external trigger control reads the tag or the software control reads the tag,Identify tag mode can be setted
Identify tag time <8ms(Identify single tag)
Reading/Writing tag time Reads every 8 bytes to be smaller than 5ms,writes every 4 bytes to be smaller than 25ms
Reading/Writing tag distance >10cm
Communication interface Type A : RS-232
Type B : RS-232 , USB Type
Input/output 1triggering input
Power supply DC 5V
Power consumption <= 5W
Size 140mm * 105mm * 34mm
Work Temperature -10 °C to + 55 °C
Storage Temperature -20°C to + 85°C
Work status indication Buzzer and LED

Function brief introduction


· Support multi-protocol: DW(100)9211 interrogator supports ISO18000-6B, EPC Class 1, EPC Class 1 GEN 2 standard, and also support many protocols and function expanding by through upgrading interrogator's software.

· Label capability optimizing: DooWa serial interrogators can optimize Label's operating used far-ranging. It uses different labels' expanding function to enhance the price-quality ratio of system's applying.

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