Injector Packaging
Injector Packaging(DW(150)Injector_packaging)
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Injector packaging

Product Description :
Taking into account the syringe in the process of safe, reliable, according to the syringe shape, Use of rigid PVC and dialysis paper and forming a complete composite advanced technology,Avoid packaging in transit due to the weakness of the syringe injury, while enhancing the effect of sterilization;
The paper suggested that dialysis and sterilization information completely non-toxic water-based ink printing;
To ensure easy peeling bar code, under the premise of using bar code printing double-adhesive paper, Barcode labels to complete the surface of paper attached to dialysis, so as to avoid loss of bar code.




Product name : Injector packaging  
Dimensions : 165mm * 72mm * 16mm
Using method : Once-off
Plastic material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Media: Analysis of paper
Sanitation state : processed in EO gas , valid for three years sterilization
Barcode: six standard bar code and number, bar code in the region marked the production date
Injector small quantity packaging
Small Package Size : 435 mm * 170 mm * 75 mm
Quantities: 26 ea.
Injector big quantity packaging
Large packaging size : 730 mm * 460 mm * 430 mm
Quantities: 520 ea.(20*26)
A large packaging used in the packaging of the 20 small cardboard box packaging model, Each of these small package in the 26 finished product.
The whole package a total of 520 in the finished product.
Quality Certification:
Our products have been certified through the International Organization ICAR, After testing our products in full compliance with ISO11784/11785 standards.
Migration that:
We all chip purchasing the glass tube on the international market share in the highest Swiss SOKYMAT companies, each of its glass tube chips are coated with anti-migration.
Disinfection that:
Meijianchanpin packaging of dialysis are printed on paper disinfection, sterilization tag.

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