8 Door Controller
8 Door Controller(DW(03)800)
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1. Built on 32 bits ARM technology running Linux operation system
2. Support LAN (10/100Base T - TCP/IP) or Serial (RS485 or RS232) communication to PC Host.
3. Support maximum of 8 doors with In and Out Wiegand/RS485 Reader through Doowa Door Controller
4. Support 100,000 Cards and 100,000 Records. Under the condition of 100,000 cards stored in the controller, the card search response time will not be compromised which is still lesser than one second for the last card found.
5. Support maximum of 5 serial communication levels
6. Data store in 16MB NOR Flash that will not be lost even if powering off.
7. Last 100,000 records can be resent to PC when the backend system database is damaged.
8. Online update firmware by TCP/IP
9. Monitor TTL inputs. To handle very secure requirement, all TTL input points can be configured to monitor four input states: Alarm, Normal, Fault-Short and Fault-Open.
10. With PLC logic built-in, all advances configuration can be setup through PLC logic using XPLOC Designer. Engineer or Advance User is able to make any logic change or adjustment in the field without the need to change the program source code.
11. It has 16 TTL DI, 8 relay output and 8 TTL DO on board to monitor alarm or status and control other equipment. If necessary, up to 16 SKIO boards can be connected to SK800 to monitor status of up to 144 TTL inputs and control more devices
12. Support Global and Nested APB control
13. Support Super Master Card during Emergency or System Failure situation . This card will be stored in non-volatile memory (EEPROM) and will generate special record when presented.
14. Intelligence door lock control (door lock back immediately if system detect a door open and close condition irregardless of door release time setting).
15. Support Door sensor sensitivity adjustment (0-5 second)
16. Enable/Disable Door only open by first card even Door is suppose to free by Timezone
17. Enable/Disable Exit control by Timezone
18. Enable/Disable Exit require PIN

DW(03)800 Door Controller Specification

Item Specification Remarks
CPU ARM 9201 Core Frequency up to 203MHZ
Operating System Linux  
Record 100,000  
Card Holder 100,000  
Number of Door 8 In and Out Reader(RS485 or Wiegand)
Card Response Time <1 second Even 100,000 cards store in the controller
Menory 64M SDRAM and 16M NOR FLASH  
RS232 1 Reserved for Factory Testing
Serial Port 3 COM1 for PC,COM2 for Doowa Controller,COM3 reserved.COM1 and COM2 can both be configured to RS485 or 232
TCP/IP 1 10M/100M
USB 2 Master USB and Slave USB
11C Bus 1  
SD Host Interface 1  
JTAG 1  
TTL Input 16 Monitoring sensor
A/D Convertor 7 Analogue Signal Input
SPI Bus 1  
Relay Output 8 12V/10A
TTL Output 8 5-24V,Max 200mA
Wiegand Port 2 Format 26/34 compatible (Reserved)
IP Setting By Keypad  
Device ID By Keypad 1-255
Reset Switch Yes Terminal Block available for External Reset Switch
Tamper Yes  
Buzzer Yes  
Watchdog Yes  
Battery Backup Yes The controller charges up battery automatically and switches to battery when main power fails
External Battery Low Sigual Yes When hattery is at lower 9.5v
Main Power Fail Sigual Yes  
Keypad 4*4 Blue Backlight
Display 128*64 dots Graphical with White Backlight
Battery for RTC CR1220.3V Last for 6 months if not powering up
Power 220V/400mA  
Work Temperature -10 - 50°C  
Storage Temperature 0 - 50°C  
Dimension 320*245*65 mm Main Board;195mm*170mm*50mm
Weight 4kg Including Metal Case but not battery


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