134.2 KHz RFID LF Animal Bio-Glass Tube Tag
134.2 KHz RFID LF Animal Bio-Glass Tube Tag(DW(150)Transponder_1)
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134.2 KHz RFID LF Animal Bio-Glass Tube Tag

Product Description :
Our 134.2 kHz. RFID LF Animal Bio-Glass Tube Tag is pre-loaded in a sterilized injector sealed in plastic ready for injection under an animal's skin.
It is small size, light weight, Injection / implantation simple use of biological Glass Packaging.

It enables the complete traceability of pets as animal and owner data are registered in a PC's database ensuring that pets, when found can be identified and claimed quickly when lost or stolen.
Chip parameter:
Frequency: 134.2 kHz
Standard Deployment ISO11784/11785
Communication format: FDX-B
Support Chip: HITAG-S, EM Series Chip
Chip capacity: 256bits
Chip lifetime: greater than 30 years
Chip material: bioglass encapsulation with a proof-immigration coating, Antibacterial, anti-allergy
Chip size: 2.1mm * 12.2mm (diameter * length)
Chip certification: ICAR
Data: Read-only or one time programmable or read-write reprogrammable
Using method: Once use
Quality Certification:
Our products have been certified through the International Organization ICAR, After testing our products in full compliance with ISO11784/11785 standards.
Migration that:
We all chip purchasing the glass tube on the international market share in the highest Swiss SOKYMAT companies, each of its glass tube chips are coated with anti-migration.
Disinfection that:
Meijianchanpin packaging of dialysis are printed on paper disinfection, sterilization tag.

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