Rfid animal indentification system,low cost solution for animal tracking and indentity,popular animal managerment software compatible.
Doowa supply high quality,stable,reasonable price products and one year guarantee.
Handheld RFID Reader Series for Animal Tracking

  ARM (STM32) CPU, EEPROM 32kB,storage capability of about 2000 items
134.2kHz ISO 11784/85 FDX-B Compliant and ID64

Product Feature

1.OLED display screen,easy to read outdoors.
2.AA*3 battery,easy to use and maintenance.
3.Water resistant,can work under -20°C.
4.With three type interface,Blueteeth2.0,USB2.0 and without interface
5.Ergonomic design,long read reange,>=50mm

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Disposable health syringe with microchip

ISO11784/11785 FDX-B Compliant transponder

  • Needle injection chamber and apparatus used specialized structure, Avoid during transport or pre-injection needle caps and cavity loss, contaminated needles and chips;
  • Fine needle cap cylinder inserted into the top of the needle, And the injection of a gripping front-end push handles live glass tube chip, Avoid the slide in a needle, Enhance the reliability of chips;
  • Injection push handles the injection cavity sliding freedom, Specialized structures to avoid pushing the stalk and chip packaging is not demolished before the injection of their own fall.
  • Doowa Offers three size options
    Diameter 2.12mm * 12mm, 3mm * 15mm, 4mm * 34mm
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Technical file:
Application Usage
  • At present,our company's implantable RFID have been successfully applied in cows,pigs,dogs,cats,giant pandas,takins,lions,elephants,wild horses,wild asses,leopards,bears,orangutans,gibbons,golden monkeys,leaf monkeys,black storks,cranes,swans,tigers and so on.
  • Particularly suitable for Pet management, livestock & poultry management, Wild animal management
Success Stories
  • South of Korean government start pet managerment project in 2008 and invite the trenders all over the world.Our company won the bid at last.We finish the whole solution in the end of 2008.For May 11st South of Korean government start to inject the transponder under the skin of pet and plan to identify 10,000,000 pets every year and purchase 20,000-30,000 reader every year.